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Gaining a high degree of balance in the golf swing is key to hitting the shots successfully; when you fall out of balance within the swing, one of the parts of the body starts to out-power the other; you'll soon start to find that when you finish your swing you're falling off left or right, the general swing becomes unbalanced. It's very rare that you will hit a shot feeling unbalances at the end of the technique and the actual outcome to be successful. Now there are a number of different balance techniques and balance exercises that you can actually work into your overall golf and actual fitness routine. Now one of these is a balanced shoulder press. Now this is quite difficult to actually perform but it does do fantastic things with the lower half and the upper half as well. Now what you can do here is get yourself standing on a balanced pad or a cushion at home is also a good kind of alternative if you don't have access to one of these. Try and get yourself balanced on one leg up onto one of these pads.

Now with the dumbbell it doesn’t have to be a heavy dumbbell, only a wide dumbbell to begin with. At the beginning you just have to get balanced on that right leg and then lift the left arm over the shoulder whilst trying to maintain the balance on the right leg. It's pretty difficult looking into a camera I have soon discovered. Now if you can do that and if you can do that exercise, your right leg will become used to the forces that you will see as you start to approach down at impact. It also has a secondary benefit of working with different parts of the body and the shoulder as well. Now if you can incorporate the two and you can do the two successfully, your balance will improve, your overall arms strength will improve and that will set you in very good stead for when you're actually striking the golf ball.