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Video Transcript

So here you join me and we're playing the bomb the towel flop shot game. So what I'm going to do here is try and hit a few shots from here land them on as close to that towel as possible, but these have to be flop shots. I wish want to feel like I'm going to try and throw the ball so high in the air that it can land then it can actually come down and rest on the towel. Now unfortunately I don't think I've actually got a chance of doing that with my diddy little golf towel. It maybe a beach towel I might have got a chance of doing this, but let's give this a whirl. I'm going to super open the clubface. Clubface is going to be pointing at the sky almost like you got a glass of wine balanced on there. Balls right up against that left instead right against the front foot, super open and lots and lots of hands. I want to just slide the club underneath the ball and see whether I can just drop the ball on top of the towel and bomb it. I mean that ball nearly came up. I could have caught that golf ball.

So again super open, slide the club right underneath the ball and get it to come down as quickly as possible. That was pretty close. Now keep going at this until you actually hit the towel and then count how many balls it took you and see, see how many balls it takes. You'll start to get a feel for how the different sort of bounce so the different type of swing that you make really affects the distance this ball travels. So if you slide the club under the golf ball too much it will come up too short and if you catch it a little bit chunky like shot number three there it would just bounce on a little bit too far. What you'll start to see here is you'll get quite consistent with your distance control after a while. See that one just slides straight underneath the ball. I've got to be careful of this. When the ball sits up too much on the fluffy grass the club almost slides straight underneath it so watch out for that you're practicing yourself. If the lie looks too good don't open the face too much.

Now I'm pretty happy with some of those results. The four at the back are actually the shots that I may sort of intending to hit. That's how it want the ball to fly, fly high, land it, get it to come down as quickly as possible. The two at the front they're effectively the mis-hits. Now they're not a very common mis-hit. The mis-hit is actually happening because the club is so open, is so much going straight underneath the ball. The ball is here. The club almost goes underneath it and it comes down so short. It's like I said you could almost have caught those balls so those front two they're my mis-hits. The ones at the back they're close to that better to what I wanted. They landed just behind the towel and they just run out and if I could get that shot to be quite consistent and then take that approach on to the golf course. I've now got some really good mental imagery as well that when I'm setting up to play the flop shots on the course, a sort of layout an imaginary towel in my landing zone. Try and hit it into that imaginary towel and I'll find the ball release out quite nicely up to the flag by working on that imaginary landing area be my towel. So practice the flop shot bomb the towel game and see whether you can get a nice consistent flop shots landing in the right place and rolling out over the towel.