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Video Transcript

For the maximum amount of power to be transferred into the ball your arm muscles need to be strong within the golf swing. It’s no use just having a very strong core, having a very strong lower half because the upper body and the arms and the hands that is always going to deliver the final punch and the final transfer of energy into the ball. Now using the triceps, the shoulders but also now the biceps you can really get that extra punch of power when you need to. Now using the medicine ball you can do some quite simple bicep curls but you can also adapt it and make it a little bit more golf oriented. Now with a medicine ball working on your biceps you can get into a golf posture, so the knees are a little bit flexed, the back are nice and straight, getting the arms extended out in front, moving it downwards in between the legs and then curling it up back to the chest, keeping the back nice and straight, keeping that golf posture and just making these motions here. Don’t need to be rushed you can keep it nice and relaxed but just down between the legs and then back to the chest and this is really going to start to engage the body because the core when you hold in that golf posture position you will have to hold itself and those muscles will begin to tighten but it is also going to work the core – the bicep muscles as well. So when you are actually hitting the shot you can really deliver that punch of power but also get the ball out of tricky lies when you need to.