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Using your balance effectively in the golf swing is going to be very important to actually deliver that club with the correct tempo and a correct timing into impact. If you become unbalanced during the swing, if one part of the body starts to out-power the other you can get into positions especially when you're finishing is when you most notice it; when you’re on your back foot you're drifting left, you're drifting right, you're drifting forwards, and you're not quite into that balanced position up facing the target. Now there are many ways that you can work on your balance and this particular drill is a great one to actually incorporate into your routine. Now I'm using a kind of balanced pad here that if you can use a cushion or a pillow at home you don't specifically need to be using one of these. Now it's very simple if not very easy. Is actually getting on to your left side holding the balance on your left leg and then beginning to hold the dumbbell here it's only a lightweight here on the dumbbell but onto the right-hand side.

Now if you can maintain your balance on one of your legs whilst actually completing a dumbbell exercise this is going to start to engage the muscles in your left leg, engage your balance, but also start to concentrate and engage the muscles in your arm as well. Now this is not an easy exercise to do by any means and it certainly starts to work the left leg that I’m standing on here very, very hard. Now you can swap over doing on the right as well be able to really start to work both the arms and the lower body but especially the lower body and it will allow you to get balanced, it will allow you to get your legs ready for the forces which are moving through your downswing.