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Should I use a down swing squat to create more power in my golf swing? Now a down swing squat is from the top of the swing where the legs press down into the ground and you come through the ball and explode upwards through the shot. Now this is a move used by some of the most powerful hitters in the game most noticeably number one at the moment Rory McIlroy uses this actual technique to fantastic effects and hits the ball a very, very long way.

It’s a very kind of simple methodology behind the down swing squat, your power is all drawn from the ground upwards and as you are coming into the ball if you squat down and you put pressure down into the ground you’ll be able to draw more energy upwards and out to generate more club head speed and generate greater distances. Now down swing squat the actual way to achieve this and the way to go through and try to implement into your game is a simple as it sounds. It’s simply from the top of the swing squatting down into the ground.

However, it does require a little bit of hip movement and a little bit more of an explosive action through impact. So if you have a slightly bad back or you are not quite sure always consult a medical profession first to see if you can actually achieve these movements. But what you want to be seeing from the top of the swing a nice wide movement is the squat down with the legs really pushing down into the ground drawing that power upwards and as you come through the ball if you were to stay in this position you would hit the ball quite fat.

So what you need to do is turn but extend the hips upwards towards the target. Now when you get in this position you draw the power upwards, explode through the ball and really give it a good old smash. Now certainly it’s a fantastic technique to use if you have the physical capabilities. So if you do want to generate a little bit more power give it a go and see what you think but don’t be thinking you are Rory McIlroy quite yet it might take a little bit of work.