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Video Transcript

To try and advance the ball out there a long way, you need to be able to make powerful movements. Now powerful movements using exercises with a medicine ball are a great way to try and engage muscles, that you simply wouldn’t do using static exercises. Now one of these exercises you can do to engage the lower half, the quads, the gluts, and to really feel like you’re exploding outwards is a rock and roll power move. Now what you need to be doing here is with the medicine ball, depending on your confidence level, use a ball that’s appropriate. But it’s getting down into a position where you’re on your toes, very much over onto your toes, onto your tip-toes here. Grabbing the ball up and holding it on the knee. So you’ll always feel like you’re about to fall forwards.

Try and hold that position, which is engaging a lot of muscles here in the lower legs, and then rocking back onto the heels; allowing the ball to go out in front to maintain your balance. Before pulling back and then exploding upwards. So it’s the rock as you go forwards, then the roll, then back and then up. And this is engaging most of the muscles in the lower half, before really pushing off with the quads with the back side, as you explode outwards with the medicine ball. Once more, so toes, heels, back up. Now this is also a very fluid movement. So you’re not going to be static. And you’re going to be using lots of these in any one time. But try and include this as part of your overall golf fitness technique and it will certainly improve the fitness, and the power that you are able to generate through the impact area.