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Video Transcript

Using powerful fluid movements when exercising are a great way to easily transfer power movements from the gym, from the exercise hall onto the golf course. Now using a medicine ball than using a lunge and foot an upward press technique, will engage both the lower half and the upper half, using multiple muscles without having to work on them individually. Now using the lunge will engage the lower half, use the lower leg muscles which are vital to actually hit the ball a long the way. And the upward press as you actually lunge, will improve coordination, but will also improve the strength of the shoulders and the upper arms as well.

Now to perform this task with the medicine ball, get yourself into a position where your feet are close together. And the movements that you need to be making, you go opposite feet while you’re actually doing this, is bringing the right off the floor, lunging forwards into the actual lunge position. But at the same time, as you’re extending the medicine ball over your head. So it takes coordination, it’s not an easy exercise to do first time. But if you can do it correctly, it will certainly engage all the muscles that you need to hit powerful shots. From the legs, from hips to the size of the buts. So actually the arms as they extend upwards. Now you can swap over with each leg as well, so left leg lunge, press upwards, then also the right leg, lunge, press upwards. And on the way back, bring in the medicine ball back to the chest. Now that’s it, this is going to engage a lot of the muscles that you need to hit the ball a long way. Use this routine – use this exercise and build it into your routine. And it will improve most of the muscles that you need.