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The golf technique is all about using the core muscles to drive the main part of the swing, and then adding punch and power with the hands and the arm muscles, as you actually come through impact. Now there are many exercises you can do to individually break down these movements. But there are a few that you can do which engage all the muscles that you need in one action. Now one of these is a squat and throw with the medicine ball. This is a quite physically demanding activity. But if you can get it right it will engage all the lower half muscle, the backside, the thighs, the hamstrings, but also the upper body muscles as you actually throw the ball upwards. Now if you are using a heavy medicine ball for this, after the ball is actually lunged upwards, you can get out of the way.

You don’t need to catch it as I am going to do. The actual drill and the actual exercise, it involves clutching the medicine ball quite close to the chest, sinking down low, so the feet are pretty flat on the ground, holding the medicine ball in, and then really exploding upwards and then throwing the ball upwards as well, so from down here, up, throw. If it’s a light medicine ball you can catch it, if it’s a very very heavy one, you can let it drop onto the ground, just get out of the way, so crouching down nice and low into the squat position, exploding liquids, extending, and then catching the ball if you can. But what this will do, it will engage the lower half, and it will really kind of nail down those movements that you make as you come through the ball, and you explode upwards, and you start to extend the arms. So use this exercise, build it into your routine, and it will improve all the muscles that you need it to when you’re hitting shots.