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There are certain exercises that you can do which accurately mimic different movements that you are likely to make within the golf swing. Now one of this is a great exercise to you use with an exercise ball is just called an exercise ball throw, or a toss, or a slam, whichever way you want to word it. But it’s about using the same movements in the muscles that you are effectively going to be hitting the shot with. Now with an exercise ball you need this, a wall not too far away, relatively close just about 10 to eight feet away. Getting into your posture position, the back nice and straight, legs nice and flexed taking the ball back as you would do with the back swing and from there maybe not using the left hand you only need to use the right hand when you are throwing here. You are taking it up, left hand off, down into the floor and then bouncing it down into the ground. Now what this does, it engages the muscles as you move through, it will get you throwing that ball downwards accurately kind of replicating this right hand movement through the actual impact area and it adds the added advantage of giving the ball straight back to you. So you can just repeat, replicate and do this a greater number of times. But this is one of those exercise that you can do which does give you a little bit of a sense of what the golf swing would be like. So give this a go, build this into your overall routine and hopefully you will see a little bit more power at impact.