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Now a great way for you to exercise all the muscles and stretch out the muscles that you need to for the golfing action is to swing a weighted club. A weighted club or a weighted staff, now I have a weighted staff here which is very, very simple to use but the added length of this would just give me a little bit more actual rotation, and a little bit more speed as I come down through the impact area but a weighted club will do the same thing. Now very, very simply using a weighted club engages all the key muscles that you need through impact and throughout the rest of the swing, it’s a very underused training aid. Now just to use it is very simple if you’re same golf technique that you’re using, getting yourself set up, not trying to swing it too fast just trying to keep the pace of the swing nice and low, the really feeling like it’s stretching out multiple parts of the body. If you want to keep the swing nice and smooth nice and low it will actually help to stretch out the muscles even more because as you go quick it could cause a strain, if you go slow it allows the muscles to be stretched out even better. So if you do have a weighted staff, if you do have a weighted club simply use this before you play or when you practice and you will start to use more of the golf muscles that you need and hopefully hit the ball longer with an added flexibility.