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Video Transcript

When using the down swing rotation of the hips, it's very important that it’s a continuous motion throughout the ball. If you move through the ball the hips begin to turn and then they stall and then they stop and then they don't anymore that flow of power could be interrupted. Now on the down swing what you want to be seeing is the hips to be moving left, bumping left the weight transferring off to the left side and then the hips to begin to unwind into the points of impact. As you actually hit there will be almost a little bit of a slight pause with most people but the feeling that you want to be having is that those hips continue to rotate, and continue to move throughout the entire downswing.

It will allow you to drag your hands and drag the upper body along for the ride and also add in that little bit of extra oomph of power. A great way you can use this very ecstatically getting the club across your shoulders, moving into the set up position, big back swing and as you move through bump the hips left and then just turn the lower body without stopping; bump and then rotate. As you get up to this finish position you want to be seeing those hips rotated all the way around to the left side and even aiming left of your eventual target and the shoulders to also have rotated fully.

It's that rotation that will really drag everything along for the ride like I said and add in that extra bit of power. So you're getting set up, you have that nice big backswing but on the way through bumping those hips and just that continuous rotation through the ball. Like you see here on my finish position, I finished right up onto that toe, my upper body's rotated because my lower half is out stripped it on that downs wing and really added in that extra oomph of rotational power. So give that a go, continuous rotation as you hit and hopefully you'll see a successful outcome in hitting the ball some decent distances.