Video Series

Video Transcript

When you’re looking at places where you can improve the amounts of power within your golf swing, eliminating backswing sway has to be one of them. You see this with many, many amateur golfers when they’re getting set up, they take the club away and there is a big sway and a big movement off to the right-hand side if you’re a right-handed golfer. Now the reason for this killing power is you’re transferring your weight so far away from the ball, the amount of timing that you have to have to bring it back and strike the ball consistently is exceptionally hard to replicate.

What it also does it takes away from the amount of rotational power that you will be able to produce. If you sway away from the ball and you turn again you move so far away then you then have to return then have to rotate and slow that rotation movement down so you can strike the ball consistently. Backswing sway is one of those very, very small things which is easy enough to fix, which is easy enough to try and improve within a technique but it is something which causes many, many golfers a lot of problems.

Now what we’re going to do within these video series is have a look at backswing sway, the types of back swing sway and how you can start to eliminate it and once it has been eliminated how you can practice turning more efficiently throughout the golf swing, contacting the ball much, much better and then hopefully producing a little bit more distance, not only with the longer clubs but throughout the back. It will also help increase the consistency of strike with wedges and with irons. This really is a part of golf technique that can help improve all facets of the game.