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Video Transcript

Smashing the ball as hard as possible at the pointed impact will be nothing without building up that power during the backswing. And there’s a couple of great drills that you can use to see if you are building up that power successfully or not. The easiest one to use is a static drill using an alignment stick or using the golf club. One of those I put this alignment stick just down in between my feet so you can tell exactly where my shoulders are in relation to where the ball would be at address. So I’m going to pop this club across my shoulders, and I’m going to get into a nice strong posture position, and what I’m going to do is I’m going do is I’m going to a little tilt of my spine at this address position. That is because as I turn away I want my spine tilt to be away from the target so I can deliver the hip successfully through the point of impact.

So I’ve gotten this address position, I’m turning away from the ball keeping my spine slightly tilted away from the target and keeping my right knee nice and flexed. Now that combination of movement, of big rotation of the shoulders, keeping the right knee flexed, will allow the upper body to turn against the lower body and build up a little bit of resistance. What you don’t want to see is that right knee to be straightening and the spine to be tilting over towards your target, that will not help you build up power successfully.

So again this setup position, turning away, rotating the shoulders fully, keeping the right knee flexed. Now the reason that this club across this shoulders is important is because as I look down onto the grip, it’s pointing to the right hand side of this alignment stick. So I know that my shoulders have turned more than enough to actually generate the power during the backswing. Once you’ve done a few of those, you can pull the ball across, just have a little bit of a mimic and a little bit of a feel about how that is, get yourself down onto the ball, big turn of those shoulders, right knee flexed, and then move down through the point of impact. Allowing yourself to think about it that way about that resistance, about that big turn will allow you to build up lots of power during the backswing.