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A great exercise for both strengthening and stretching the lower half, is the sideward lunge squat. Now this exercise is very key if you looking into actually build flexibility in the lower half and strength at the same time, both of which are fantastic ingredients for hitting successful golf shots, as you will move the weight, through turn those hips and you will need that combination of flexibility and power. Now to actually complete this sideward squat its relatively easy to understand it just takes a little bit of balance. Now you want to be getting yourself set up, feet just outside shoulder width apart and with your hands together for balance. Now the sequence of movements if you are going to the left side first here which I am, is picking up the left foot, moving it out and extending it quite a long way left, before squatting down onto your left side. And you almost want to be feeling like you are keeping that heel on the floor when you go down. You don’t want to be ride over onto the toe you want to be moving down into the heel. Now what this does is it works the left part but also stretches the inside of the groin and the outside of the groin.

There is so much actually work going on here so there is so much being exersiced with one simple movement. So it’s to the front, so the beginning should I say, feet shoulder width apart, hands together, move it down onto the left side, try and keep your heel on the ground. So down, left and then up to the start position again. And then to the other side, shoulder width apart, down and right, heel on the ground, and then bring yourself back up as well. And you can literally feel everything on the right side begin to work and everything on the left side around the groin area start to really stretch out. So it’s a fantastic way and you can actually see here the actual kind of combination there, especially on to the left side moving that way, how you would be doing this within the golf swing as well. So it really starts to work all the muscles that matter. So try and build that into your workout routine and hopefully as you are approaching impact that extra flexibility and strength should give you a little bit more power through impact.