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Video Transcript

Hitting a long golf shot and having the powerful swing, is all about engaging the lower body in the core. Because they really start to suck energy up through the ground, and then allow you to transfer that into club head speed. Now there are lots of different exercises we can use to engage these muscles that we need, by using a squat for example. Really engages a lot of the lower body and a lot of the muscles, the backside, the hamstrings, the quads that we need to actually generate this power. Now this particular exercise is pretty difficult to coordinate, however if you can get it right it will engage the lower body, but it also gets the upper body moving at the same time. And it gets the upper body moving in a way, which will give you much more coordination and much more balance. Now all it involves is going to a squat position, so getting the right foot going forwards, leaving the left foot back. And I’m holding the ball here in my right hand. Now what I’m going to do is, I’m going to step forwards, but at the same time as I’m moving into my squat position, I’m going to reach over my head, and actually get the ball over my head and clasp with my left hand.

Now whilst in the squat position, I’m going to return the ball to the left, before circling back up to the right, and then moving up to a finish position. So this engages the lower half, it engages coordination with the arms while also strengthening the arms. It’s not an easy move to make. However if you can get used to it, and you can get it working in sequence, it will engage pretty much every muscle that you need. Now obviously you need to swap legs while you’re doing this, you don’t want to be building up one side more than the other. If you can get it right, you’ll certainly be adding a lot more power. Build this into your exercise routine, and your lower half will become much more stable, much more balanced and much more controlled as a result.