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Video Transcript

Core stability, core strength and core power are a key ingredient to hitting the ball a long way but also to increasing the amount of stability you feel at posture and during the golf swing. Now there are a few exercises that you can actually do which engage many of the core muscles, the stomach, the back and the legs and also the arms as well as a little bit of an extension, as a little bit of a bonus. And these exercises you can build into your fitness regime and routine to really start to boost your power during the golf swing. Now one such move is a hay bailer. Using a medicine ball to really start engaging these muscles and like I said also the added bonus of using the arms as well.

Now this particular exercise involves using a medicine ball, getting into a semi-knelt position so the right foot to begin with out in front is a 90 degree angle to the floor. The back nice and straight to begin with and the medicine ball held out in front. Now the hay bailer move is to dip the ball down to the floor so its just so its opposite the left knee here before moving and extending it over towards the right hand side. Now what this does, it engages all the muscles along the core and also the arm as well. So it’s from down here, up, across, down, up, across, down and then when you’ve doing a series of this, move it over, switch over the legs so the left leg planted, right knee down to begin with it from down, up, over and this. And like I said this has the advantage of engaging most of the muscles that you’re going to use when actually hitting the golf shot. So use the hay bailer to engage these muscles to create power and also some stability when hitting shots.