If there is one shot that I get asked about a lot during lessons is, Pete, how am I going to hit these long irons of mine. I am hitting and I am driving nicely off the tee, because it’s teed up and it’s got a nice big club head. And I can chip and I can pitch and I can pump it, but I just can’t hit these long irons. My answer is often to these golfers, well don’t, stop hitting your long irons, hit something different, hit something that’s a bit easier to hit. Hit something that’s designed with the high to mid-handicap remind, that’s going to help you get the ball in the air. So I offer them a hybrid golf club. Now a hybrid golf club is exactly that. It’s a hybrid, it’s a halfway between an iron and a wood, so it sits with a relatively short shaft in relation to a wood, but it sits with a much bigger head than a traditional iron.

Now that head, when most people look down on it, they go, well, that gives me a bit more confidence. That’s a bigger head to aim for, that looks like it’s going to be easier to strike out the metal. And then when they do hit it, they appreciate that, there is a lot of weight here, a lot of weight that’s low and deep placed down at the bottom of the golf club. And that’s going to be designed to help them get the ball in the air, because if that weight gets below the equator of the golf ball, this ball is going to rise up really nicely. So the club that I have got to have it hit with today is the Thomas Golf AT705. Now this is a classic pear shaped design, so it’s got a nice curve back to it.

It’s actually the five hybrid, but the hybrid clubs they make, they make from every different range, they make it right from the two all the way to 14. So any loft that you want to replace in your bag, any iron that you are not comfortable with, they make a hybrid club that would fit into that range for you. So a lot of golfers struggle with the long irons, initially the 3 and 4 irons. So they put a hybrid club in there, then they realize the 6 iron is not really behaving.

Now the 5 iron is not really behaving, well, I will put a hybrid in there as well. So here is the 5 hybrid that I have got, so I set up to this now. I am going to play this ball first from the ground, and then from a small tee peg, because don’t forget, you would always use a hybrid club on a par 3 as well or even a short par 4, where accuracy is the premium. If I am playing this ball straight from the turf, I am going to play it just slightly ahead of center. So it gives me an opportunity to hit down nicely on the ball and deliver the weight of this golf club underneath the ball. But because there is plenty of loft, I think is a five, plenty of loft. It will pop the ball up in the air, really nicely. Also, it’s nice and handy on the Thomas Golf Products is the alignment aid at the back, nice straight line right across the back of the golf club.

Simply just sit back behind and point to where I want the ball to go, you have seen in my lessons that golf is a target related game. And every hybrid club I have ever picked up before, is just the massive curve lines. We have got a curve around the back, we have got a curved face, we have got horizontal lines across the front, but nothing that actually points to my target. If you think about your putter, your putt is a target related game, that points exactly where you want the ball to go. Why not incorporate that into a hybrid golf club, so as I sit this behind the ball, the line points exactly where I want the ball to go. The ball position sits just ahead of center and I make my normal iron swing and I hit down. The weight of the golf club just slides nicely underneath the ball and it pops the ball up in the air.

And I am going to claim that, I hit that ball perfectly, which I did by the way. But if I didn’t hit the ball perfectly, if I hit it more to the toe of the heel, the top or the bottom, you will really appreciate the forgiveness that this hybrid club gives you over and above a long iron. You try and hit a 3 iron out on the toe and see how that feels on your fingers. But I tell you, if you hit one of the golf clubs towards the toe, the heel, the top or the bottom, the feeling is just fantastic, it’s got a nice, lightweight graphite shaft in it. So it really gives me some good feedback as I swing. And because it’s a lightweight shaft, I can actually swing nice and quick. A long, heavy, steel 3 or 4 iron shaft can get a bit cumbersome, but the lightweight graphite shaft really accelerate that club through the ball and whip it away. So here I am playing off a small tee peg now and I am going to play into a par 3 or short par 4, where accuracy is a premium for me.

I am going to actually play the ball slightly narrow to my left side, slightly more ahead, because it’s on a tee, I can sweep this up into the air. A lot of people confuse the height of a tee peg, just because it’s on a tee, it doesn’t need to be a massive tee peg. I want no more than half the top of the ball above the top of the golf club. So I just sit on the top of the crown of the ball over the top of the club and that allows me just to slide the club underneath it, slightly more forward ball position and again, sweep it away. Feel the club slide under the golf ball there, pop the ball up, it’s a very nice high hanging flight, five hybrid here, it’s got 27 degrees a loft on it. So it just pops the ball up into the air. So a really useful club and a great addition to your bag, if you are struggling with your long irons. Check out the hybrid club and check out the Thomas Golf AT705s.

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