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Video Transcript

Now the arms have a very crucial role to play when delivering power into the shot, the arms, the forearm muscles the biceps, the triceps, the shoulders these all deliver a tremendous amount of power when striking the shot. Now it’s not often easy to exercise these within a golfing movement, the easiest way to do that is to use a staff, a weighted staff or a weighted club something which is heavier than what you normally use. Now what you can do is just use one arm swings to really help develop and really help build power within a single arm. So very simple, I’m going to take this I’m going to grip it down this staff just a little bit because it’s just a little bit long with this wall behind me here. I’m just going to take you down a little bit you can grip it down the end if you wish. Get into a posture position with my left arm here behind my back; I’m going to swing up, turning my shoulders, trying to get my club into a set position moving it down.

I’m imitating an iron swing here so I’m really pushing my hand ahead and then moving through and extending through to a full finish position. Now 10 swings using this you’ll really start to feel your arms start to weight because it’s not used to operating a weighted object in this manner. Normally with a golf swing, which is a golf club which is a lot lighter than this it’s not going to be used to having so much force and so much power actually flowing through it. So we chose to the left hand again replicate an iron swing here, hands ahead, turn the body and really start to whip that arm through. Now if you can use that and if you can do that there is no doubt that you will develop power in all the right places to hit much, much longer golf shots.