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A large amount of power is generated from your glutes, from your back side, as you actually swing through the ball, turning the hips and exploding upwards. And really isolating those large muscles is very, very important when you are focused on a particular exercise. Now the drop step lunge is a brilliant way to actually identify the glutes and to strengthen them. It takes a little bit of coordination, it takes a little bit of time to practice but once you get it, it’s a fantastic exercise to use. Now the way to actually perform this task, you swap legs kind of in between, but you want one foot forward so I am stepping forward with my right foot here. I want to get my hands just in front of my body for balance. It doesn’t really matter what position they are in -- I may want to cross my hands. Now from here I am going to take a little step forward with my left, so put a little bit of weight on my left side this starts to engage the hip muscles on the left side as well. Take a step left and then circle around the back of my right.

So I am planting my left foot now quite a long way behind my right about two feet behind my right foot here, before dropping down into a lunge position, before bringing back up, and taking a step back to the left hand side. So we get into this set up position, going left, behind, down and then up. And you can feel the amount of pressure and the amount of strain which is put on the right back side when you actually do this movement. But it’s an amazing way to isolate it. So once more in front, you take that step left, a little bit of movement there. Then left leg behind the right into that drop step lunge, so I’m there behind, down and then back. And obviously flip this between the two legs, do on either leg so you get equal amount of exercise on both your glute muscles. But if you can do this as you actually come through impact you can have so much more power as you hit through the shot.