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Video Transcript

Delivering power into the golf shot does come from a very successful down swing. But if you build up power, your back swing needs to be big, it needs to be strong and it needs to be correct. There are a few key fundamentals that you can follow to try and ensure that your back swing has enough power, so when you start your down swing you can move through nice and smoothly, and turn in with a much more relaxed method to give yourself power without feeling that you have to force it.

With the back swing we’ve already been through how you can get set up nice and strongly with the lower half and with the feet. There’s a couple of things that you need to pay attention to. First of all when you’re getting set up you want a little bit of a spine tilt off towards the right hand side. This is very important because as you start to turn away in the back swing you want your head to stay nice and still but you don’t want your spine to be tilting back towards the target.

So again in a nice strong set up position, tilting that spine slightly off to the right hand side, and then this drill where you can pop a club across your shoulder line, turn away as much as possible, and keep that tilt in the spine. Now you can see here I have over rotated. So this is a position that I’d only get into if I wanted to hit the biggest of big drives. Normally all you want to be seeing is that turn away so the left shoulder moves underneath the chin and the shoulders’ at 90 degrees towards the target.

If you can get into that position with that spine tilt you’re going to be set up very, very well to move down into the point of impact. So you’re getting set up, and with that nice big back swing away, spine tilted slightly away from the target, rotating those shoulders underneath the chin, and then moving down through the point of impact. That big back swing rotation will allow you to generate as much power as you can so you can move down into a successful downstream sequence.