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Using exercises that can exactly mimic different parts of the golf swing are quite rare to come by. But there are a few that you can use that will give the fantastic advantage, of being able to mimic certain movements that you make within the golf swing whilst building muscle and flexibility at exactly the same time. Now one of these is using the medicine ball for a throw toss against the wall to really develop a lot of explosive power and explosive energy through the shot and it is as simple as using a golf technique to throw a weighted ball against the wall. Now if you get yourself set up with the wall just on your left hand side if you are a right handed, get yourself into a posture position so your knees flex, your back nice and straight, holding the ball out in front of you as you would a golf club. Now this simply involves turning back as you will with a golf swing, turning the body through and extending the arms.

And as you extend the arms you let go of the ball against the wall, you can let it bounce back onto the floor or you can try and catch it if your release is on time. So this in there, into your posture, nice and straight, back, turn, release through and then catch. So back, turn, release through and catch. Now this like I said has the advantage of using all the muscles that you need to actually hit the shot. What I would suggest is don’t just focus on throwing it one way because then you can build a bit of an imbalance between your right and your left side. So if you are going to use this drill switch around then do some swings left handed so to speak as well so you can build up the balance between the body. But use this, you can build up your golfing muscles and hopefully improve the distance and with the control that you hit the shot.