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If you’re looking to increase the amount of power available within the golf swing, using the core muscles and the legs is essential, because you draw up so much energy from the ground, when you’re actually hitting shots. Now using a lunge with a medicine ball, will engage most of the leg muscles that you need. But also adding in a twist, will engage the core muscles that the back, and the stomach, and the abs, and the side [Inaudible] [0:00:35] to really get everything that you need working in order. Using a lunge with a twist as well really helps improve coordination, which is essential for hitting the ball as well as balance. Now to actually perform this, with a medicine ball, is get into a position, feet quite close together.

You want to be picking up the right foot, with the medicine ball close to the chest, lunging forwards. Try not to allow the knee to pass the toes if we can. Lunging forwards and when in this position, and the arms have extended outwards, adding in a sideway twist before moving back up to the start position, very physically demanding activity, very physically demanding actual range of motions. But if you can get it right it can work wonders to the overall power available. So it’s a position, where we lunge forwards, extend, twist, and then bring back up. Now repeat with the left side, lunge, extend, twist and then back up. Engaging all of the lower half pretty much and the core muscles as well, which are key when you’re turning through the impact area. So use this as part of your overall routine and it will improve your strength no end.