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It's often hard for golfers to self-diagnose if they're doing anything wrong but one key area that any golfer can check is their finish position. And it’s often the case that the finish position does not lie and it leaves clues to what has happened in the goal swing. For example if I was to swing through and hit a shot and finish in this position, I would know that my lower half hasn’t rotated enough because my right foot is still planted to the ground, my hips are pointing off to the right hand side of my target, and my left like is still in a flex position. Added into that my weight is still relatively even.

But a lot of players who use that shot and will use that technique will come through, hit and then just immediately remove themselves from that position. It's very important if you want a diagnosis of what you've been doing within your swing to just pause for a moment after you've hit, have a look at your finished position to say OK this means that I've done this, and it is simple as that. So different positions that you could be seeing I’ve already spoke about the one where you’re not rotating, there's another one where you may rotate and finish in this position with the weight on your back foot. That means you’re rocking back you’re not quite transferring your weight through and there are a number of other ones all the way in between.

What we want to see and what I want to show you is what you want to be achieving in a nice full follow through at a proper finished position. As you move through that weight wants to be transferring off to the left-hand side, the hips want to be rotating and continuing to rotate through impact, and as you come to this finish position, you want your chest and your lower body to have rotated fully, mine actually rotate a little bit more and point off to the left of the target. You want to be right up onto that toe, then you want your weight to be balanced on your left side. A great drill to use and something you can really do on the course is you can hit shots and no matter where the ball goes, just hold your finish position and try and hit that particular finish position as well.

So moving through, rotating, holding that finish, upper body is turned nice and fully, I’m balanced on that right toe and I’m facing down towards my target. Use that position, use that as a drill but also use it on the course. And you should find you're able to rotate with a lot more balance than you otherwise would do.