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Golf is a sport that truly does use every single muscle in the body at pretty much every time, except when you are putting, unless you're an exceptionally exuberant putter. But you need every single muscle in the body to be flexible and to be ready for when you're actually hitting the shot. Now one thing that does often getting overlooked is the neck muscles and the muscles around the top of the spine. This is a key point of the body because a lot of twisting, a lot of turning, a lot of rotation of these muscles does take place. So, you do need them flexible and you do need them ready. Now, a very simple way to do this is to just use some neck stretching.

Now, neck stretching very simple to do, just stand up very, very tall with the arms down by the side. And there's a couple of variations you can do with the arms down by the side. Tilting the head to one side really feeling the stretch in the side of the neck and the side of the muscles here switching over the other side. And then the front and back the same stretching the head back and then forwards. If you want it to get a little bit more stretch in there, if you want you could feel you could push it about a little bit further up to the side and then you can just take your hand and just put a little bit more pressure on there to really engage these muscles. Now, you don’t need to be pressing down hard and really putting your head on your shoulder but just stretching the muscles out to the side really get the neck muscles ready for when you're doing the overall swing.