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Is it ok to have a quick golf tempo in my golf swing? Now every different golfer across the world has a different way they approach life. They are either a quick person, a slow person, a relaxed person, there are many different ways and many different approaches and many different rhythms that people have, throughout their daily lives. And is this what you need to actually take to your golf swing. So if you are a particularly quick person you walk between places quite fast, and you do things in a fast manner, then the tempo with your golf swing should match. The actual tempo with the golf swing, can be quick, it can be slow.

The most important factor is that the timing, no matter what the tempo is correct. So if you are over a ball and you swing very very fast and everything is disconnected, then with tempo should be something that you can work on. But if you can swing a fast tempo, you can get the hips moving, the arms dropping into a good position, and just getting these hands just slightly ahead of impact with the irons or sweeping the club away, sweeping the ball away with the driver, then the tempo really doesn’t matter. What you need to find is a tempo that works for you and that fits the way you actually live. And if you can find that golf tempo you can embrace it, but you can combine that with good timing you will certainly hit much a better shot.