Video Series

Video Transcript

We often watch the tour players and then become kind of they become synonymous for one particular move in their swing and Mike Weir the left-handed Canadian has really become synonymous with his pre-shot move. It’s not even part of his actual swing, it’s just the pre-shot part.

So I am actually going to do his right hand and facing the camera, but we are setup behind the golf ball and he has his very deliberate one piece move there where he just checks out his position before he then goes ahead and hits the shot. Now for some people always a little bit deliberate and a bit forced, but I think the thing you notice when you watch Mike Weir do that is he is so consistent whether it’s on the practice ground or the first Tee or the 18th Tee, the same thing happens. And it doesn’t necessarily matter exactly the position that Mike Weir putt that in or you trying to copy his exact position. I think the point is that because he is consistent it gives him a little key that he can kind of tap into the, if he does this every single time not only is his technique going to be right, but his mental approach, his mental routine, his mental rehearsal before every shot is going to be correct as well. And its one way for him of checking the technique is correct, but also alleviating the pressure that if I did this every time I am going to hit a good shot.

So you don’t have to necessarily go away and copy his exact positions, but he is making sure that your routine is consistent that you have the same disciplined position every single time whether it’s a first hole or the last hole. So where is a one piece takeaway which is something I would encourage you to do, but you don’t have to necessarily find exactly his position that keep doing the consistent thing and that will help improve your game as well.