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Video Transcript

In golf you can cure many, many problems on the putting green by having a very strict routine. And unfortunately many, many golfers whether they are category one, two, three or four tend to may be put the least amount of effort actually into that putting. Now you might think that’s a bit harsh but having coached for 25-30 years believe me I can say people don’t put the same amount of timing as they would do in other parts of the game.

So think about it, you want to make these, these putts in order to make you a better putter. So let’s get you into a procedure, the first thing is, let’s mark that ball, let’s clean it. If you got dirts and the dimples, that ball isn’t going to roll through. So let’s clean it. Lets line it up, let’s look at the hole and draw a line back to the ball and pick a marker just a couple of inches in front of the ball and place that ball back down with the name or the alignment of the marker on life of that marker.

At this stage, the hole is history, it’s the marker. We now pick it up. We’ve done the alignment; we’ve done the preparations from here. We’re now going to come to the side; we’re now going to feel the length of the swing that we require. So you have done all that work over that ball, we’re now going to feel the length of the swing that we need before we go to that putt. Once you’ve done preparation, we’re then going to go to that ball; we’re going to set ourselves up. We know the procedure.

The club behind the ball, the feet parallel, the eyes over the top of the ball, the hands nicely light not tight and from here after having done all that preparation work that routine, that will give you the best chance now to just pull the trigger and take it back, and take it through and that’s the best way of actually going through a procedure; getting yourself into a routine, a procedure that is simple. The age old expression was makes it as simple as “a, b, c” it’s not quite “a, b, c” but its not far off. Simple routine, very simple to follow and no matter what you’re faced with, whether it’s a tough put, first put, or the last putt in the green follow that routine and after I promise you, your putting will improve.

Remember it’s all about preparation work, cut out the sort of laziness, and stick to that routine and your putting will improve, and your scores will drop and your enjoyment will improve.