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Video Transcript

Okay. We’re going to talk about balance. Balance is all about, after we hit the shot and how we actually finish and balance is such and important ingredient of how we get control because as you can imagine we hit the golf ball and we’re falling off the ball, there’s not balance whatsoever in which case we can’t expect that ball to be coming out of the middle of the clubface as we kind of stumble back, we lose that balance. So, to get balance there are two things that we can actually do.

The first thing is if you can imagine, like, a row of sort of photographers in front of us lying down and saying, right, I want you to do the best pose you could possibly do, you’d most probably set up to the ball, swing the club back and finish in this position here and that’s exactly the position we want you to be in. The weight on the left-hand side, you got perfect balance and just imagine, the actual finish and the reason I say to you imagine those photographers there cause it takes your mind off actually hitting the ball, so if I just work on swinging the club back and then finish, I’ve got the perfect balance and I’m just literally thinking about having that photograph taken to see if it’s going for that front cover of a magazine, it’s all that posing, the balance and finish.

If you think I need something a little bit easier to work on to get that balance then again, a good exercise is to put your feet together, your knees together, and from this here, just maintain your balance, so just turn your hip slowly and you can see I’ve got a perfect balance. So, that’s what we’re striving for here, better balance at the end of the swing is absolutely crucial, especially when you’re swinging those big guns, the driver at 100 miles per hour. It’s very, very important that we finish with balance. So, go away and work on those two aspects, of that image, of that pose or that nice simple exercise, which gives you that lovely finish and lovely balance.