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So, how can I create more lag on the golf swing? Well, just before we start, this is something that I would not recommend to senior golfers at all. I really wouldn’t, but I’m going to show you what lag is. Lag is all about maintaining the angle on the way down. So, let’s show you two extremes. The person who doesn’t have much lag would take the club back from here, pushing away with their left arm, pushing back here, hinging the wrists, turn the shoulders and then from here they would tend to go and do that, so they kind of throw in their club, what they call casting. And you can see here, when they went back, they were in this sort of angle here, this lovely letter L and now they’ve destroyed it, they’ve thrown the club out. And that causes all sorts of different bad things. So, this is what, when you talk about lag, create a bit more lag, is to stop people from possibly throwing this club out to the top of the backswing when they get to here and then they go and throw that club out.

So what is lag? It's maintaining this angle. So, here’s the same backswing as we just showed you. As we go back we’re going to this position here. Now, lag is all about this angle. You try to maintain that angle as we come down. Try to maintain the angle as long as we possibly can to here, as we get to here, the hands when they release the club through the ball. So, if you find that you’re throwing the club from the top of the backswing, the only way you’re going to find out is if you’ve got someone who’s an instructor who will say “No, you’re throwing the club”, or maybe you have yourself filmed by a friend and you can see yourself at the top of the backswing going and throwing the club.

So if you find yourself doing that then think, okay I need to just have a little bit more lag in my down swing, so when you go back, it’s all about from here, just try to maintain this position that you’ve got. Remember when you went back at that stage, because the position where you were. And all I’m trying to say to you, it’s a bit complicated, but all I’m trying to say to you is, as you bring the club back down, practice it and first movement, yes got it. The birdie; so more lag is all about holding this position as we come down, and as we get into the hitting area then the hands release through the ball. So if you want to put a little bit more lag in, hopefully I’ve made it sound as simple as I possibly can do. This is normally for people who tend to throw the club from the top of the backswing.