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Video Transcript

Okay. So, the question is how to check your swing plane? So, the best way of checking is to set up to the ball and kind of watch. Well, of course, not. The simplest way is to stand in the reflection of a patio door or a big large mirror, have somebody video you or even the mobile phone to actually film what you’re actually doing. That way we can actually identify what your swing plane actually is. Now, there are two swing planes I’m going to show you. That’s all there are, just two swing planes and the most important thing is to identify, which is your swing plane, so here, let’s start off with the first one. The first one is a one-swing plane, okay, one swing plane.

So, from here I take the club back, I swing the club back and you can see how the club as I bring the club back down is really nicely with that stick, so you can see I’m one plane and the key is here, as I swing a little bit more round my body, as I swing a bit more round it, you can see my hands are a lot more behind my shoulders, so this would be a one-swing plane, that position. A two piece would be when I take the club back in the same way with my body, but this time my hands and arms travel the opposite way, so they’re not actually working together as a team, they’re working independent, so this is basically a two-piece swing, okay?

This is the swing plane, two-swing plane this one and that was one, so that’s the difference and the most important thing here is you’ve now got something to be able to identify where you are on that one swing, in this position or were you there? And whichever one you’re on, it’s a case of saying, right, do we basically spend hours and hours of practice on the driving range with a pro undo all this or this simply a case of, well, I’m actually enjoying my game, but I just want a little bit more improvement. Well, this way is to see which is best for you, one or two and stick to it and just work at it. At the end of the day, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.