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Okay so what I was talking about now is how to create a Connected Golf Swing. Now Connected Golf Swing, the sound of the connection is everything what you're working together. So if we just kind of get ourselves over the ball and we concentrate on the hands and the club and the arms and the torso, the shoulders all going together, everything is going back in one piece, and it goes back in one piece it is actually a connected swing. A disconnected swing is you can imagine where something goes one way, one goes the other way. So a connected swing is where everything works together so to do, to work on this we want to concentrate on what we call the big muscles and the big muscles are the torso, the shoulders, the arms, the hands.

And to work on these really a very simple sort of drill because that's what we're here for. It's something that's simple. Its so just imagine standing there with your club out in front and what I want you to do is just imagine hitting a golf ball, a tee peg or peg so let's get you sort of sensation of what is connected. If I just stand up nice and tall and from here just literally swing it like a baseball and go back you can see that everything is actually going together, the hips, the shoulders, the torso everything is gone.

I don't have to think about it at all and you just still that's all right baseball just turn it back, turn it through, and we got the sensation now of what is a connected golf swing. So talk about connected golf swing. Keep it very simple out there get the feeling of a baseball player just swing it backwards and forwards, and then from that the only distance between that and the golf swing is that on a golf swing we would actually have the backbone with the spine slightly tilted. That's the only difference for what I'm showing you so simple drill, stand up, arms out, baseball player, and from that you'll get the feeling of the connected swing. Just go and practice.