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Video Transcript

Okay, I am going to talk about how you play a knockdown shot or a punch shot is exactly the same, knockdown shot, punch shot. It’s all about hitting the ball, trapping the ball and trying to hit that ball on a lower ball flight. So typical scenarios, the wind is blowing, it’s against you, what was the simple sort of 7-iron is most probably a 4-iron. But we have got to keep that ball low into that wind, a lower trajectory, so it doesn’t get affected by the headwind or the side wind, or maybe we are actually in the rough with those trees overhanging.

And we need to get that ball down there, so a knockdown shot is a punch shot, and we have got to basically think to ourselves, right. How difficult is it, it’s not difficult. The first we need to do is just change the way we actually set up, so when we set up, we are going to put the ball a little bit further back in the stance. And by doing that, it’s actually going to make, so hit the ball a little bit early. So we are going to get a ball turf, so we are going to hit and punch that shot down. The second thing by putting that ball back, it actually helps to deloft the club face, because the club face is coming and hitting it earlier, rather than further forward where the clubface would have returned a little bit more to its sort of normal loft.

So put that ball back in your stance, get yourself over that ball, put the weight on the left-hand side and I want you to play these shots with arms. So then very, very much is this sort of swing, arms and arms. If we go up with the wrists, they may basically, like the sort of trapeze act up on that high wire, you are walking a very fine between hitting the perfect shot or hitting it straight up into the trees. So we don’t really want any risks there, swing it with your arms. So here is the setup, now I am going to play this is a 7-iron into the wind, keep my hands forward and then play with my arms. So a short swing, weight on the left hand side and that ball is nicely punched.

And you see can my follow through there, have gone through. That club has gone through and you can see I am finishing nicely short, I have got a nice mirror image of what my swing is, I am not trying to make up for the lack of my backswing. Remember knock down shot is a punch shot; you have now got the method to go out and put this into practice. It’s a lot easier than what you think, and by God, you will get quick results, go and do it today.