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Video Transcript

I want to show you what the difference between a one-plane swing is and a two-plane swing. So, with the help of this stick here, which should be in a nice sort of angle, I want to show you first of all a one-plane swing. If I set myself up to the ball here and I take the club back by turning my shoulders, you can see the position where I am and as the club goes back down you can see where my club is coming nicely at the same angle, so one-plane swing is where we turn the shoulders and everything goes together and the hands are more behind the shoulders and because of this we get that shoulder to 90 degrees, a great shoulder turn there and all I’ve done is stood there and just turned the shoulders and everything in on one plane and from here it’s so simple to get back to that ball. Now, a two-swing plane is completely different.

This is where may be the body goes one way and the hands and arms go another way, so here is a typical two-swing plane. Over the ball, I turn my body the same, but now my hands have gone up in the air, so my hands ae now more over my, sort of, head, here is where my body has gone, so I’m in two different positions. This is in no angle at all to where I actually want to be and from here you can just imagine on the way down, from here what sort of movement would there be? Well, from here you’d either move the hips first and the club would come down and you can see how the club would then tend to cross over the ball and predominantly sort of catch a slice, a left to right shot or even those dreaded sort of tops of fat where you catch the ground behind the ball, so the difference between the two-swing plane is self evident.

The best thing to do is have a look in the mirror. Look in the reflexion of a patio door, mobile phone, video camera, film yourself, see which swing plane you actually have and rather than trying to change it, which will take many, many hours of hitting golf ball in the range or seeing your pro and getting that tuition, rather than do all that why don’t you just work to your strength? If your swing plane is, say, this way, which is a two way, and it actually goes very, very nicely and you’re playing good golf, you’re enjoying your golf, why change it? If it’s not broken don’t fix it. Take that knowledge away and see which is your swing plane and play to your strength.