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Video Transcript

Okay. So, what we’re going to talk about here is how to create inside to outside swing path. Inside to outside, what it means is basically the club will travel on the inside and then travel on the outside. Most golfers would tend the swing the club back and go outside and come inside and typically that results in a left to right, a slice, a ball that goes from the left to the right-hand side. So, you want to travel this club back on the inside to out. Okay. So, what’s the easiest way of going about it? Well, the simplest way really is to basically put your left hand on and bring your shoulder forward and then put your right hand on keep the shoulder forward, so we’re actually closing the shoulder.

Instead of putting the shoulders parallel, we’re actually putting the shoulders in a slightly closed position. Now, putting the shoulders in a slightly closed position and keeping the feet parallel to the target line, just the shoulders are the part that are closed, this is naturally going to make me bring that club more on the inside, because if you think about it, my shoulders are already, they’ve already turned to a certain degree. It might only be a couple of degrees, but it’s like lining the first domino, get it lined up right and all the rest just knock along in a line.

So, from here, the shoulder is forward here, as I take club back this shoulder will naturally now just move out of the way, much more simpler than it would do before and from this that club would come on the inside, good shoulder turn, good weight transference and from here, we’d be hitting down and through, hitting outside. So it’s a very, very simple sort of technique, just bring that left shoulder forward and that was just all you need to do and from there just swing the club back, better shoulder turn, better weight transference and from here as the weight transfers through, yes, you guessed, more distance. Enjoy the tip.