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Video Transcript

So imagine you’re about 30 or 40 yards away from the green; there’s no bunker between you and the green, there’s no water hazard, just nice little undulations of the fair way. A good safe reliable shot here would be a chip and run. So what is a chip and run; a chip and run is very similar to a sort of a putting stroke but the only difference is we kind of hit the ball so the ball lifts over the rough terrain, lands and then releases up to the hole. So to play that shot we could use anything so from a 8-9-9 up to a 6-7-9. The technique is very, very similar. You set yourself up with a ball, roughly run about the middle of your stands and you would have a quite a narrow staff you don’t want the weight being too wide where your body might move put those feet closer together.

From here we want to put that weight 60/40 same for all short game shots 60/40 and we want to keep the weight there, we don’t want any movement so 60/40. Our hands are going to be slightly forward and we are basically going to kind of swing the club like a pendulum just like a putting stroke concentrating on the shoulders. So from this position here you will notice my legs will keep still, my shoulders would take the club back low and through. And the lot of the club has thrown that ball up and released that ball down towards the hole. Now very simply depending on the distance that you’ve got to carry from where you are to the edge of the green will purely simply translate into the length of the swing.

So if we were standing 10 yards away and you said throw a ball to me I would stand there and most probably just throw the ball like this. But if you were 20 yards away I would have to just lengthen the swing. I wouldn’t necessarily swing the club any faster I would just lengthen the swing. So the swing should be a mirror image whatever you do on the way back should be the same as going through. And the tempo medium, medium sort of pace tempo and with practice again you build feel. Nobody can give you feel, you have got to work on it. But there’s a safe reliable shot there in your back from any of those clubs, just go out and practice it, it really is very enjoyable. Love to show a game, get the results straightaway and you see those results, from something that’s so simple. Put it into practice just watch over its outcome.