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Video Transcript

What I want to talk about here is how the big muscles can help to create a flow of a swing. The big muscles are basically the trunk and shoulders and if we move the trunk and the shoulders together you can see that everything moves together. So, just working on the trunk and the shoulders, they’re the big muscles. The small muscles would be hands and arms and if the hands and arms take the club back then you can see there is big bends on the arm, there is no sort of compaction, there is no sort of unity where everything is going back, so to get this sort of flow of the swing, we need to work on the big muscles, so it’s the trunk and the shoulders. So, when you get yourself over the ball, focus on turning the trunk and the shoulders together. Don’t worry about the hands. The hands will follow.

So, from here turn the trunk and the shoulders and you can see everything has gone together. We’ve got a nice shoulder position here, shoulder turn and everything is in one piece. That’s an important word here, is the one piece. The more pieces that are going the more we are sort of a bit of a misfit. Things are going on that’s too complicated and so trying to get the club back to the ball where we started is almost not going to happen shall we say. So, work on this aspect, from here turn the trunk and the shoulders, that creates of lots of width, a flawless swing and as you work on the trunk the speed of the swing is nice and slow and it’s smooth, that’s what we’re looking here for here.

A good tip would be to hold the club out in front of you, your arms out and from here, just, again, turn the big muscles, from here just turn, you get the feel of the width and then come through and you can see I’m keeping the arms nice and extended, again, keep your arms out, turn the trunk and the shoulders and all I’m doing is working on this area and that’s what’s getting me to this position and, again, it’s all about getting a feel, you know, when you’ve been in one position that feel or this feel, we’ve got to change the habit, change that muscle memory, so a very simple thing. Arm straight out, back here and through and as you become more and more confident, start to bend a little bit more over, do the same thing backwards and forwards and then when you feel comfortable, over the ball, one piece, one piece and that’s what I want you work on. Go away and work hard.