Video Series

Video Transcript

Okay. What we’re going to cover here is the pitch shot. A pitch shot is a shot which is 20 yards away from the green to 80 yards again and ideally the word pitch conjures up the shot as you’re traveling up in the air and landing down softly, control, lots of spin, lots of soft feel on the green, it’s a pitch. Taking the bunker out of play, taking the water out of play, that’s what we’re tying to do here, pitch the shot up into the air. So, it won’t come as any great surprise, I’ve got my pitching wedge in my hand. I’ve got two sticks down and the reason I’ve got those down is to show you ideally where the ball position should be.

If I set myself up and you could see there is a nice sort of right angle from the ball coming back down and it should be positioned in the middle of the stance here. So, we’re going to put the ball in the middle of the stance, we’re going to put the weight on the left-hand side, and the reason for keeping the weight on the left-hand side, about a 60-40 sort of ratio, is that it’s very, very important that we actually come down and hit down and through. If we hit down and through, that ball will actually roll back up the clubface, that’s the degree of loft that’s actually on here and the clubface as it goes down and through will send that ball up in the air.

So, the starting position is very, very important indeed. Put the ball position in the center, put the weight 60-40 on the left-hand side and as you take the club back, with your hands slightly forward, just hinge your wrist ever so slightly, just hinge your wrist, so, no, not too severely, too steep and nothing at all. So, just hinge those wrist, there’s the ball position. Let me just demonstrate on the ball here. So, from here just hinge your wrist slowly, hit down, the ball has gone nice and high and that’s the way to play the perfect pitch.