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There is three ways to lower those scores and play better golf. The number one tip I would go for is the grip. Its your only contact that you've got in your hands. It's very important when you put your hand on, that we actually place it in the right position. So when we place the left hand on, we're going to set it from this area here in the palm, down to this part of the finger. And we're going to place it in the fingers. Now I personally use the interlocking grip, but it doesn't make any difference if it's interlocking or overlapping.

But I interlock and I put my hands on, you'll notice there’s a V created here and there's a V created here. Now those two Vs need to go between my chin and my right shoulder. So at this point here because I don't have the mirror, I can't check. But here is a way of checking. If I keep my hands on here and just lift the club up vertically, I can see straight away the position of my V and also my right hand. So it's a very simple way, we're not lifting the club up and checking it like this, but just lifting it off vertically, put those hands on, lift it up and I can see where my Vs are going.

And if need be, I could make an alteration one way or the other. So the first thing is good grip, good grip is essential. It's your only contact that you've got. Now the second thing I want you to do in the golf course is to pull over those scores is to think about what you need to do. So I want you to play within yourself, and when you are on that golf course, think about what I'm saying. How many times have you gambled on the shot? How many times have you taken the wrong club because you tried to hit it harder? So if you play within yourself and the shot is say a fiver, a 7-iron, say it’s the green. And I take out a 6-iron and I just swing that 6-iron just three-quarters back and through, I'm playing within myself.

And because I'm playing within myself, I'm more likely to hit a much more accurate golf shot and get a better contact. So a number two tip is to actually play within yourself, it's so, so important. So, remember, rather than get a club out and try and thrash it all the way there, why don't you take the next club up and let's go down. I just swing three quarters, so you are swinging within yourself so you have got better balance. And number three, it is crucial, once you have got these things in place, what's your pre-shot routine.

Is it a case I have gotten my club and I am looking at this side and dropping myself down like most golfers. So you got to have a pre-shot routine, a pre-shot routine. You stand behind the ball and look at where you want to go, draw a line from that target back to the ball, pick a marker, just 4 to 6 inches in front of it. Then, put the club behind the ball on line from the marker, then put your hands on, then separate your feet, then get your posture. And now we are in a really, really good position now to actually swing and actually get that shot that we want so the next time we go out, think about the three good tips to get you playing better golf and lowering your scores. And I bet if you are on this, I bet if you look at it, you might say, well, I will do one of them. But the next time, let's do three of them, enjoy your golf.