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Video Transcript

We’re going to talk about better ball striking. Better ball striking and we’re going to try and stop topping the golf ball. Before we kind of start talking about that, what is a top? A top is where the club comes down and actually hits the top of the ball and when we hit the top of the ball, the ball will tend to go along the ground, low trajectory cause all that energy is coming on top of the ball. That’s what a top is all about. What we want to do here on this better ball strike is we want you to focus on a couple of factors. The first thing I want you to do is I want you to keep your eyes focused on where you want to hit the ball. Now, I’ll tell you what, if most of you are honest watching this video clip right now and you’re totally honest with me, you’re going to say you’re looking at the ball and I’m going to say, well, which part of the ball, you’re going to say I’m looking at the top of the ball, I’ve got the name and the number lined up there, that’s what I’m going to look for, bad choice.

Why is it a bad choice? If you are focusing on the top of that ball, which is 1.68 inches from the ground, you’re focusing on hitting that point, but that’s a top and you don’t want to hit the top. Which part of the ball do you want to hit? We want to hit the part, which is at the bottom. The place where your club sat behind the ball, that’s the point where we want to strike. If you’re on a driving range, a very simple trick would be to put a line of chalk right behind the ball, sit your club on the line of chalk and then focus on actually swinging and focusing on hitting the line of chalk, remember that’s where your club sat to address, that’s where you want to hit, hitting right at the base of the ball, so you’re hitting down and through, that’s how you hit a golf ball. But on the grass we can’t put a line of chalk down, so we’re going to be focuses on exactly the same thing, as far as put the club behind the ball as close as you can without moving the ball, cause that would be a penalty.

Put the club down as close as you can and from that point focus on looking at the back of the ball, because that’s where you want to strike. Look at the back of the ball, keep you head nice and still and steady, swing the club back, the head is nice and central. The importance of the central bit is that if your head does this, the chances are now you’re going to hit the ground behind the ball, you’re body has moved to the right-hand side and we’re going to tend to hit so far behind the ball, so keeping this head central is very, very important. Remember, at no stage am I saying keep your head down.

I do not teach that and you do not want to keep your head down. Keep your head still, keep it steady, keep it central, but don’t keep your head down. Keep your eye contact on that that point there. Let’s put it into practice. Keep your head central, swing the club back, and there is the perfect strike, hitting exactly where I was focused on. Focus on where you want to hit the ball, don’t look at the top, look at the bottom on the ball and focus on that and from that you will get a much, much better strike, better strike, more consistency, more accuracy, that’s what we’re aiming for.