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Video Transcript

Okay. I want to talk about the best way of actually staying behind the ball. Lots of people have different ideas of how to stay behind the ball, but let’s focus on the one that we actually want to work on and that is the most important thing, which is keeping the head still, not down, not down here, but keep it still. Keep your head, if anything always have your head a little bit higher than normal, keep it away from the chest. That’s important so the shoulder can actually come underneath the chin, so just put your head a little bit higher rather than lower, okay? Keep that head still. The reason for focusing on the head in this exercise is purely simply that too many times you get to the top and then the head moves.

If the head moves forward then you can see what’s happening, everything is coming down on top to of the ball. If it comes down on top of the ball, we’re hitting or smothering the shot, there is not hip turn, there is no shoulder turn, there is no weight transfer, in other words everything is being cut off at that moment of impact because the head moved, nothing to do with the head coming up, it’s just the head moving, so I need you to focus on keeping that head still, that’s the most important part of this. Now, a good exercise to actually get this into perfect sort of position is to go back to this feet together, which I use and use time and time again in all sorts of different lessons. It really is the best tip I can give you for getting this sorted out, the rhythm and tempo of the swing, just about any sort of fault you can think about.

Put your feet together. Remember, the key here is to stay behind the ball, so if I put my knees together and I stand here and I move my head slightly forward, I’ve lost my balance and you might be looking and thinking I did that on purpose. Well, you get on the practice ground and you try that and I can assure you it’s not done on purpose. What you need to do is put your feet together, your knees together and from here you just swing that club back, keep your head, remember, keep it still, keep it still, keep it still and surprise, surprise, I’ve still got the same balance as I started with. So, there is a good tip for you. So, we got to keep the head still and by doing that that’s the best way of actually staying behind the ball, that’s where you want to be the impact. Go and work on it and use that feet together, it’s so easy.