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Okay, we are going to talk about why it is important for a senior golfer to have a compact backswing. The most obvious factor is unless you have been working out in the gym for the last ten years, is that we haven’t got the flexibility, the suppleness of, looking at our juniors, maybe they are 18 years of age or 30 years of age. So our body is basically as we get older, we become a bit more restrictive and we can’t do what we used to do, even though we might try and do it. So if you can imagine, the most obvious statement is that nobody ever hits a ball in the backswing and this compact backswing will emphasize our point.

If you get yourself over the golf ball and you keep it nice and compact to here, this position here, where the shoulder has just about come to the chin, then all your power is actually generated now here. Isn’t that where you want that power to be, isn’t that where you are going to hit that golf ball. Why would you want to go to here and use all the energy here and by the time, you get back to the ball, we have run out of steam, it doesn’t make sense, especially for us senior golfers.

So let's get over that ball, and concentrate on what you most probably feel like a three-quarter backswing compared to what you might have been doing. And get yourself into the mirror and look, just think to yourself, oh let me do my normal backswing. Oh my god, it was like that, wasn’t it. Then think right, a three-quarter backswing, so here, when the shoulder hits the chin, stop. Look at the control, look at here, look at the position, that we are in, there is so much more control, there is so much more stability, that’s got to mean straighter golf shots, longer golf shots, because all that energy now is coming down back into the ball.

So a compact backswing makes sense, control, all that power is stored here and all the energy is going back into the ball. Let me demonstrate on this nice compact backswing, so from here, compact, and all that power has gone into that golf ball there. I have lost no distance, I have actually gained distance on a very windy day here. So that’s what you want to do: compact backswing, very simple, shoulder to the chin is that maximum backswing, and all that energy is where it should be, coming into the back of the ball.