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How exactly do you maximize your swing speed at the impact area? How do you do it? Well, there are many, sort of, ideas. Most golfers tend to hit the ball from the top, which is far, far too early, at which case it’s going to result in coming down with hardly any sort of club head speed at the bottom and there are other people who kind of hit the ball very, very late and that’s wasted as there is no energy into the impact. So, those are the two badders. Let’s talk about where we actually want that club head speed coming in. We want the club head speed coming in at this position here. Imagine 7 o’clock on this clock face going back, about 7 o’clock, and we want the head to go from here through to here, say, about 4 o’clock.

That’s where we’re focusing the club head speed. We’ve got to make sure that the acceleration point is between these two points. That’s where we hit the ball. It’s not here and it’s not here. It’s in that area. So, I want you to focus on that sort of area. So, how do we go about it? Let’s think of a very, very simple exercise drill. So, let’s turn the club around, because it’s nice and light now, its nice and flexible. Let’s put the hands on. What we want to try and do, if I said you make a whoosh sound everybody would be and whoosh is up here, it’s too early, it’s wasted. By the time it get to the ball the whoosh is gone, it’s silent.

So, let’s focus on what we want to do. I want you to swing the club back and try and get the whoosh between what we said before, which is 7 o’clock and 4 o’clock, and try and get that whoosh…just perfect, just nice. Did you hear that? There we go. It’s just coming at the right area. Again, that is too early. Here is too late. The ball is already gone. So, just focus, turn the club around and focus between this point and that point and listen to that whoosh. It’s as simple as that and that will help you greatly.