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What is the Correct Swing Release? The thing that most people don't even think about don't even know what it actually is, but what it will give you is more control than more length. Let me explain what it, what it means. When we're over the ball if we swing the club we're just with our arms than going back from our arm straight and through there's no release and you can imagine that would hit the ball fairly straight, but not very far because its just arms there's no rotation in the body. So all I had to do is say right okay let's go from what we shouldn't be doing to what we should be doing. So if we set ourselves over the golf ball and that we just think about the swing, the most, most important point of focus is to swing the club back to your waist.

If I go back with my left arm straight and hinge with my wrist you can see a nice right angle. And when I'm coaching, I'm talking about there's a right angle. There's a letter L. There's 9 o'clock whichever works for you. Just get in through this angle. And as we pull the club back down maintain the angle as long as you possibly can do and then you only get to the ball we should be back to where we started in the nice straight line so we can imagine is a left arm straight. The wrist is hinging up from here. We unhinge it so we keep that position here and then we get to there and from here the hands come through so if you wanted to project the movement which is the most important thing rather than going straight to the ball let's think about that position here, back to the position here and that is the position going through so that is the correct sequence.

Once you're happy you got the confidence and you know don't just go to the ball first. Get your muscle and memories think about what you want to do. Do it slow. Do it deliberately. Then when you – once you're comfortable go to the ball. Let's go to that ball. Let's play, so don't go waist high, don't go all the way to the top here. Its all about the release from here take the club back its not going to turn your hips as you normally do so rotating your body so from here that's the position and back to the ball so here we go on the ball there and my hands are released. So for the swing which is so short so basically 50% to your swing because I release and I maintain that angle as long as I possibly could do and then release it for the ball I still got a golf shot that's really gone most probably 85% of the distance that I would normally do had I actually gone all the way upto the top of my swing. So I'm just going to work on it and if you struggle come, and see the PGA Pro.