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Video Transcript

So the question is how can it help me if I actually hold my finish. Well the answer is there staring you in the face. If you think about it, if you actually go through and you can actually hold your finish, you’ve not really done anything wrong have you? You’ve got perfect balance. If you try and go through the ball, how many times you actually hit the ball and do what a normal golfer does yeah a normal golfer. You get over the ball, you swing the club back and you hit it and you finish like that. And you're looking at the shot but without realizing it, you saw what happened, I went through and I put my foot down. So where was the end product? Was it actually here? No. My end product was here. Look where I am. If I set you to hit a ball like that where would it go? You're cutting your swing dead.

What would happen if you swing the golf club and you went through and you held your balance and you went… instead back, that would say to you very simply as you come into the ball, your weight has shifted backwards most probably because you’ve either tried to look where the ball is going as you look at how it’s going, look at my weight going back onto the heels. Whichever way it happens, the impact, if you lose your balance going backwards it’s because you're spine angle hasn’t been maintained for the hitting yet. You’ve come in and you’ve gone as I do that, look at the delay. And I'm not doing that on purpose, you try that, you try standing there with your back and just go through and just straighten up. You can't cheat it, it s that simple.

So the follow through is very, very important. So if I set you right, come on, typical, imagine some photographers out there and they want to take a picture of you for the latest magazine. What would your golf pause be, would it be this, you lose your balance, it would be this one too, you would be over this ball and you swing the club back and then you go, and just look at the flow through here. Look at the pose; that’s where you would be. Look at the balance. So the end product of that follow through or that finish is absolutely vital because it can tell you what you’ve just done wrong because at the end of the day you can't see yourself. But what you can do is by holding this finish you learn so much about where was I if I lost my balance, we've already talked about the spine coming up, there are so many things that you can learn. So the end product is very, very important and it’s something I would definitely encourage you to just concentrate working on. When you come through, pause and hold your balance. And if you get into this position, you watch the percentages of golf shots now moving in your favor. What are you waiting for?