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Okay, so I want to talk about the feel, the correct feel of the golf clubface. You know quite often, we are so engrossed, we are playing the golf shot and swinging the club, we forget one of the most important things, the feel of that club. You know where has the ball come out of it, on the clubface, how does it feel, do we know where the clubhead is during the course of the swing. So we need to kind of focus on setting yourself up. And just basically set yourself and close your eyes and close your eyes and from here you are now feeling where that clubhead is because, it's a weight, isn't it. You are lifting that weight away, by gripping the club a little bit lighter, will actually encourage a better feel, whereas if it’s tight, everything is locked and there is no feel at all in golf.

So over that ball, we need to grip a little bit lighter, because we are trying to talk about head feel. And from here, just close your eyes and take the club back and feel where that clubhead is. I know where the clubhead is, I know where the clubhead is, there. So by closing your eyes create a better feel by gripping lighter, a better feel. So you might think, what's the importance of the feel of the clubhead, well very simple, it's the clubhead that hits that ball. So let's talk a bit more about feel of the clubhead, what parts of the clubhead did that ball hit, did it hit the middle, did it hit the heel, did it hit the toe?

So you might think, oh I'm not sure. Well if you put some sort of tape on the face like ghost tape, what happens is that it leaves an imprint of the dimples on the tape. So you can set yourself up to the ball, swing the club back and go through, your hands are much, much lighter. I'm not saying necessarily close your eyes, have your eyes open this time. But swing the club back nice and easy and through and once you have hit that ball, have a look at the clubface, have a look at the imprint.

And that will give you a good idea of where that golf ball is coming out of, which part, because we all know if the ball comes up the toe, it opens the face and sends the ball to the right and vice versa of the heel. So feel, grip lighter, close your eyes initially just to get the feel of where the clubhead is. You can feel, I know exactly where that clubhead is at all times. Can you close your eyes, can you stop with the clubhead just before impact? So if you can do that you have got a good feel, very simple tip. Go away and work on it. We are not talking about hitting a golf ball here, it's feeling where that clubhead is.