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Video Transcript

Right, we want to talk about creating a solid feel when you’re putting. Are you a putter who tends to get a bit wristy, a bit flicky and if so, is it working for you? Well chances are if you’re flicking with your wrist or stopping on the ball that you’re going to find yourself with the inconsistency the ball going too short, going too long, it has to, there’s no control so we want to try teach you here how to actually create a solid feel. So how do we go about a solid feel?

Well, a solid feel is all about making sure the wrists stay in the position that they are on the grip so if I put my hands like this on the putter and just put my thumbs down the centre and, my fingers down the back, it just sat in the palm of my hands and from here, if I should concentrate on the putter shaft and arms, which is the letter Y and try keep it in that position if I swing it from my shoulders you can see that everything is in one peace. Now that is called, that is basically putting with a solid left wrist here, by keeping a solid left wrist. Remember putting is all about keeping the putter without an extension of your arms and everything going from the shoulders, remember, shoulders is acting as a pendulum so this is a good way of actually getting yourself into that position, letter Y and when we go back, just swinging that putter backwards and forward at a nice length and keep that solid.

Now, you might think, ‘okay, I understand that’ and maybe’ you haven’t got who is into the video camera filming you or a mobile phone or I-pad or any of these things. What you can do is you can actually use a very, very simple exercise, look, because remember this is all about a solid feel. A solid feel gives you more control, the ball isn’t going to go racing too far or too short so if you actually get a ball and you grip your putter and you go down three or four inches and you put the ball between the fore arm and the wrist and the putter grip and then from there put your right hand down. If your hands become wristy then the ball will drop, it’s a right put without wrist becoming flicky, backwards and forwards, the ball is staying in that position so everything is a nice pendulum but again, if the wrists become flicky, remember something you don’t know you do here if they become flicky, the ball can quite easily drop way on the back and fall through.

There’s a good drill I want you to use is that ball in there, very, very simple put it in there, go three or four inches down and from that practice your stroke and very, very quickly you will see whether or not you were a wristy putter or whether are actually a very, very good solid putter and that’s why I want you to go and work on it 20 minutes, 30 minutes and I think you should see some very, very good results.