Video Series

Video Transcript

Okay. What I want to talk about here is I want to talk about when we hit the ball off the toe of the club. But first I’m going to let you know what the toe is. If you look at your clubface there, it’s just like your foot. If I put my foot in the position of the club head, there is my heel, there is my toe. The ball hits the toe, it tends to hit the toe and it tends to twist the clubface and the majority of those shots, very, very simple, they’re going to go down the right-hand side, if not all those shots when they hit the toe. No matter how tight you might grip, the ball hits here and it’s a sort of twisting sort of sensation going on and off that ball goes. So, that’s what happens when we hit it off the toe. Obviously the heel, the opposite would happen. The ball would hit the heel and turn the clubface over the opposite way. But this is all about hitting the ball off the toe and to basically talk about the swing, what’s happening in the swing to create that ball to be hit off the toe. Well, it just basically turns side on and set up to the ball. The biggest cause in the swing is where the arms tend to come back into the body.

So, just imagine over the ball, good get up, good backswing, but as we bring the club back down the arms come back in and as the arms get pulled back in, the club is getting pulled towards the body and surprise, surprise. What was once upon a time the ball in the middle of the clubface is now looking to be off the toe. It twists and you can just imagine if this was happening on a driver, what a massive big slice down the right-hand side this would be as the ball hits the toe. It’s just going to basically just twist it. So, it is caused in the swing, by the arms coming back down and getting pulled into the body, okay? That’s what tends to cause it. And basically when people pull their arms back into the body, it’s more down to a comfort factor. People can almost kind of switch off, maybe they’re tired towards the end of the round and this shot tends to happen.

The club goes back and they’re almost like. There is sort of the physical aspect, they loosen up, sort of no strength, the battery charge has gone down. That’s when I tend to find people hitting the ball off the toe, not when they’re early in the round, but having got those arms in, what can we do to actually put the problem right? Well, here we’ve got a tee peg on the ground and we’re going to put the ball round about four to two feet behind the ball in a direct line with that tee peg in line with our target. What we’re going to do is to focus on setting up and from here, focus on the club coming back down and the club head traveling toward the tee peg. You have to remember the fault was that the arms were coming back in.

As the arms were coming back in this club isn’t going to remotely get towards that, so the focus now is not on what should I not be doing, but what should I be doing. Wrong though. Over the ball, set yourself up, swing the club back and then as you come through, try and take that club too the tee. So, if I do this over the ball, set myself up, swing the club back and I’ve taken that club towards that tee peg and I’ve got shot exactly what I want to do and it’s certainly not come off the toe, it’s out in the middle. Very simple drill. Very, very effective. You know what caused the problem and more importantly you’ve got the fix to put the problem right. Go and work on it.