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Video Transcript

Okay. What I want to talk about here is creating a short sort of swing thought, just having one thing in your mind. I’ll give you a classic example. How many times have you walked up towards that ball, you’re faced with whatever the shot is in front of you and you pull out a club, you’ve got a couple of things in your mind and then over the ball you’re thinking about do this, do that, do the other, and before you think about it, well, before you actually hit the ball, so many things go in your mind, it’s like, how can you expect you to actually hit the ball remotely where you actually want it to be? You know, you just can’t possibly start thinking about one thing and then another thing because every single thought is potentially in a different sort of plane or different sort of path to the actual golf swing.

So, all these thoughts going through your mind it’s going to go mumbo-jumbo. Game of golf is complex enough without actually having all these thoughts. So, what I want you to do is when you actually walk up to the ball, a very, very good sort of idea, approach is when you’re suddenly behind the ball. You’ve selected the club because you know the distance that you actually want to hit, but when you come up to the ball, before you come there, you should picture the shot, picture the shot in your mind and come to the ball with just one thought. So, for example, let’s say the thought is, let’s say the shot is a 9-iron and we’ve got a bunker in front and a lake and we got to get the ball up, that one thought pattern should be, from here keeping the ball in the middle, the one thought pattern here is to take the club up and to execute that club down and you might think there are two things there, but not really, because one goes with one.

If I actually get that club doing up steep, then I’m going to have that steep angle, so by focusing on just that one aspect, that’s crystal clear and that’s the message I’ve been trying to send out there. Keep one thought in your mind. Don’t have two or three, because if you do, you’ll end up being over the ball and that word “indecisiveness” pops out. You’re not going to be able to commit yourself to the first, the second or the third. Commit yourself to one thing, one thought pattern in your mind, game of golf is hard enough. One thought, go that ball and commit. Go and try it out.