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Video Transcript

One of the main things that all good players do is have a really good balance during the swing. Not just on the back swing, but through impact and as they hit. You can see how good a player’s balance is from their finish position. So once you swing the club back, and you’ve gone through the ball; it’s really important to maintain this balanced position as you finish. Whereas a lot of golfers will think, well the ball’s already gone, so it doesn’t really matter.

It does because it’s showing whether your balance was good as you hit the ball. So when you’re at the range and especially when you’re out on the course, work on swinging the club back. And as much as you work on that back swing, work on holding the balance as you go through the shot and finishing in a really good position. That would mean that your belt buckles turn to the target, the left of it; your weight has moved to your left side, if you’re a right-handed golfer and you’ve got your shoe laces pointed at the target as well, on the right foot. The club’s round the back of your head, parallel to your shoulders.

And you’re going to hold that position for as long as you want to. You’ll see better players, posing away, looking like they’ve hit fantastic shots, until the ball has finished moving. They’re not just posing that for the cameras, they’re doing it because they’ve got good balance as they hit. So work on having and a follow through that you can hold for at least four to five seconds. I would suggest that you hold that follow through until the ball actually stops moving.

Whenever you’ve hit a shot that’s not quite as good, you’ll notice it’s more difficult to hold that follow through. And part of the reason for that bad shot is, you’re off balance as you hit. So once again, work on really holding that follow through as you’ve hit the ball and you can watch that really long, high shot go out, until the ball’s stopped moving, then come back down into a normal position.