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Video Transcript

What I want to talk about is how to create a good hip turn. Most probably the part of the body that I think is the most important on the backswing, but most people tend to focus on other areas like the shoulders. Let me explain how important the hip turn is and how crucial it is for the backswing. When you set yourself over the ball, keeping in mind that we are senior golfers, as you take the club back, I just want you to just turn your hips, focus on your hips, don’t worry about anything else, just turn those hips. There. And as you turn those hips there, we’ve gone through 45 degrees and when I put my hands back on the club, watch what happens to the rest of the actual body.

So, I’m just going to focus on my hips, nothing else and to turn my hips, if I just focus on that knee, just turning in behind the ball as the club goes away, watch these hips turn. So, first of all I’ll turn my left knee and you can see how the hips are just turning very nicely. Let’s do that again. This time I’m going to go all the way back, so from here to my left knee behind the ball and again. By focusing on the hips and that knee, that knee is just basically another helping hand. If you keep that knee stiff there, then trying to turn the hips is almost impossible. So, to take this club away, let’s just move that knee, just hinge it over, just imagine a piece of string from the club head in your knee, so as you pull, it just pulls the knee and keeps things smooth.

So, take the club back, turn the left knee every so slightly behind the ball, watch the hips turn, and what you need to do from here is to kind of say what’s my comfort zone, have you got any sort of physical difficulties here where you can’t get to this position here where I’m, like, 10 o’clock? Now, it’s very, very important that you work to your own strength and your own limits. So, 10 o’clock position is the ideal place that we want you go with those hips, this position, but if you feel more comfortable with 9 o’clock and 8 o’clock then go with it. At the end of the day nobody ever hits the ball on the backswing, they hit it on the downswing.

Keep that in mind and just go ahead and just work on that sort of movement and just as an extra sort of tip, if you actually put your club against your belly and you just stand there and then you just turn your hips, you get the idea of everything. Look at my shoulders and my trunk, they’ve all turned. Did I have to think about them? No. All I was focused on was turning my hips. So, go away and work on this. It’s a very, very simple sort of drill for you and the next time you’re on the golf course, go out there, think about your hips. It’s mostly something you’ve never thought about. So, final word on this, turn your hips.